• Clinical Rater / Sub-Investigator

Dr. Sophia Demorizi, Psy.D is in the process of completing her requirements to become a licensed Psychologist in the state of Florida. She graduated from Florida State University earning her Bachelors of Science in Psychology. From there she completed graduate school at Carlos Albizu University where she earned both her Master’s degree in Psychology and Doctor of Psychology degree in Clinical Psychology (Psy.D.). Dr. Demorizi completed her one-year Pre-Doctoral Internship training at the Goodman Psychological Services Center. During her time at the Goodman Center, Dr. Demorizi conducted clinical intake interviews, she administered and interpreted various psychological measures and wrote comprehensive psycho-educational and psychological evaluations for clients across the lifespan. In addition, Dr. Demorizi provided individual psychotherapy to a variety of age groups from diverse cultural backgrounds seeking counseling for the treatment of a multitude of presenting concerns. Dr. Demorizi completed her one-year Post-Doctoral Residency training at Parent Information and Resource Center (PIRC) in Pompano Beach, Florida. At PIRC, Dr. Demorizi was the intake specialist, as well as she provided individual therapy and medication management to individuals presenting with severe mental health issues (e.g. Depression, Bipolar Disorder, Schizophrenia etc).

Dr. Demorizi’s areas of interest include diagnostic and treatment of mental or emotional disorders. She has experience in psychotherapy with individuals, couples, and families; working with children, adolescents and adults. Dr. Demorizi also has experience working with at-risk and undeserved children, adults and families from variety of cultures and socioeconomic backgrounds. She recognizes the importance of developing skills necessary to work with people of diverse backgrounds and at the same time, she enjoys working with people whose perspectives and worldviews differ from her own. She also has experience in conducting psychological evaluations and psycho-educational assessments for individuals presenting with ADHD, Autism Spectrum and Learning Disorders.

At Segal Trials, Dr. Demorizi is a clinical rater on different research trials in a variety of indications. She is responsible for conducting biopsychosocial and diagnostic interviews to obtain necessary psychiatric history, recruitment of appropriate patient population and efficacy rating scales in inpatient and outpatient clinical research trials.