Anne Giovanna Auerbach

  • Director of Regulatory & Compliance

Giovanna Auerbach, joins Segal Trials with over 15 years of clinical research experience. At Segal, Giovanna leads the Compliance department, with a strong focus on ensuring organizational Good Clinical Practices (GCP) and Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) adherence.

Most recently with WCCT Global, Giovanna was the Director of Clinical Support Services, overseeing the various stages of complex clinical data capture, ranging from source creation to management of EDC. Additionally, she had been responsible for creation, maintenance, and adherence to company SOPs, GCPs and Federal Regulations as the Director of Quality Control and Compliance. She was also involved in developing procedures for creating and utilizing electronic sources within a Phase 1 clinic. Prior to WCCT Global, Giovanna worked for OmniComm Systems, validating client study builds and core functionality for the company’s EDC software.

Leading the Compliance department, Giovanna’s experience will augment Segal’s staff education and training processes, ensuring the highest level of ethics, integrity, and responsibility during trial conduct. Additionally, Giovanna will work closely with clinical operations to implement and execute internal quality control across the organization and support biopharmaceutical partners to achieve desired outcomes.