• Pre-Screening Specialist

Daniela Chueke has four years of experience in Psychology related fieldwork. She graduated from the University of Florida with a Bachelor of Science in Psychology. She has worked with various populations of all ages in the fields of Vocational, Educational, Cognitive Behavioral, Organizational Behavioral, and Clinical Psychology. Ms. Chueke has worked in several different settings in which she gained experience in conducting medical and psychiatric interviews, administering assessments and evaluating patient needs. While working in the Career Resource Center at Santa Fe College, she utilized vocational assessments to help students determine educational and career paths. Ms. Chueke also taught children with disabilities in an aftercare program where she was responsible for effectively implementing different treatment approaches to address goals and maintain patient/caregiver engagement. Additionally, Ms. Chueke has experience in the execution of discrete teaching trials for children diagnosed with developmental disorders. During her time at the University of Florida, Ms. Chueke gained experience collecting and coding data from conducting laboratory sessions in the Organizational Behavior branch of the Department of Management. Here at Segal Trials, Ms. Chueke is a Pre-screen and Cognitive Rater. She conducts initial biopsychosocial interviews to gather the patient’s history and determine preliminary eligibility for enrolling trials. She is responsible for conducting various neuropsychological assessments for current protocols for all indications, including Schizophrenia, Major Depressive Disorder, Autism Spectrum Disorder, Opiate Use Disorder, etc. Ms. Chueke is also actively involved with recruiting and community outreach activities to help identify potential participants and spread clinical trial awareness.