• Clinical Rater / Sub-Investigator

Nicole is a recent graduate from the American University of the Caribbean School of Medicine. She completed clinical rotations at several major medical facilities. Nicole previously worked as a research associate in geriatrics and was involved with several projects in frailty, depression, dementia, and care coordination.

Nicole has inpatient and outpatient experience with administrating diagnostic and cognitive assessments, obtaining patient histories, reviewing medical data, and providing assessments and plans across all medical specialties. Psychiatry patient populations she has worked with include schizophrenia, depression, substance use disorders, suicidality, ADHD, anxiety, bipolar, and personality disorders.

At Segal Trials, Nicole is a Clinical Rater and administrates efficacy rating scales in both inpatient and outpatient clinical research trials. She also conducts biopsychosocial and diagnostic interviews and obtains necessary psychiatric history in order to assess and recruit appropriate patients.