• Accounts Receivable Manager/Central Logistics Coordinator

Heather Candow is the Accounts Receivable Manager and the Central Logistics Coordinator for Segal Trials.
During her 16 years of service with Segal Trials, Heather has created a system that allows for our company to track patients through their journey of the clinical drug trial. She works with our multiple inpatient and outpatient sites to ensure that all visits performed, hospital bed days, and miscellaneous items are reported correctly, accounted for and invoiced out according to our numerous Clinical Trial Agreements. Heather and our AR Team work diligently to have a healthy working relationship with our pharmaceutical partners and ensure that our contracts are invoiced out properly and paid in a timely manner.

Heather has worked on over 1,000 clinical drug trials, worked with 6 different site entities and managed the patient data from 9 of our research locations.

Heather has an AA degree in Advertising from the College of Central Florida (formerly known as CFCC).