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Shaped by history. Defined by Our Mission, Vision, and Values.


Our History

Segal Trials, founded in 1998, is a privately held network of six research sites throughout South Florida conducting Phase I-IV research trials with emphasis on psychiatry, neurology, addiction, general medicine, healthy volunteers, infectious diseases, vaccines, psychedelics research, senior living, and women’s health. Segal Trials provides outstanding service and is a preferred provider for many leading pharmaceutical companies globally.

Bonnie Segal and Scott D. Segal, MD, cofounded Segal Trials in 1998. Since then, Segal Trials has been instrumental in conducting clinical research studies, which have resulted in 57 medications and devices that are FDA approved. Throughout the years the company has stayed true to the core values of quality, customer service, advocacy, and patient care. Now Segal Trials employs more than 200 professionals, and the company continues to expand and grow based on the needs of sponsors and patients. 

Our Mission

Recognized for peerless quality, forward-thinking recruitment practices, and transparent partnerships. The mission is to advance pharmaceutical research through safety, quality, momentum, innovation, efficiency, and cost-effective strategies.

Segal Trials is dedicated to the advancement of research in central nervous system, women’s health and addiction medicine through a responsive staff, committed to quality and efficiency.

Our Vision

The vision is to impact the mental and physical health of the world’s population meaningfully and positively.

Segal Trials strives to be a leading contributor to the drug development process while providing the highest level of patient and client services.

Our Values

The practiced values are quality, adaptability, innovation, collaboration, and human experience.

Quality, Quantity, Adaptability, Advocacy, Collaboration and Patient Centricity.


Segal Trials fosters the continued success of their employees and provides opportunities to make a difference – beginning on the first day! The Segal Trials team of professionals is passionate and diverse and strives for excellence in customer service, advocacy, and patient care.



Segal Trials has expanded its capabilities and outreach to deliver the value of clinical research to millions around the world—helping 57+ drugs and devices gain FDA approval in the process. They partner with international leaders including Merck, Roche, Karuna, Teva, Abbvie, Biogen, Johnson & Johnson, AstraZeneca, Bayer, Novartis, Seelos, and Pfizer to advance medical FDA approvals. To date, they have collaborated on 54 FDA-approved medications and are currently working on more.


Segal Trials is one of the first research facilities to offer psychedelic research in Florida and is pioneering the way for advancements in medicine for the entire country. They offer a full-service center dedicated to Psychedelics Research. With state-of-the-art equipment in a relaxed and comfortable setting to accommodate the participants. The doctors and staff are experts in psychedelics research. Segal Trials continues to lead the way as private research experts in the treatment paradigm for psychiatry, neurology, addiction, general medicine, healthy volunteers, infectious diseases, vaccines, psychedelics research, and women’s health.


The heart of Segal Trials is most certainly the team of professionals, who come from many fields of expertise. Including physicians, investigators, clinicians, data experts, and administration. Each team member is expressly committed to the efficient, ethical, and exacting standards each trial sponsor seeks to uphold, every step of the way. In tandem with superior patient care.

 Meet the people that make progress possible. 


Segal Trials is grateful to be able to help change the quality of life for millions through the advancement of medicine. To date, we have been an instrumental part in conducting studies resulting in 48 medications and devices that are FDA approved.

It would not be possible without our volunteers and patients; they are true heroes and essential to each clinical research study. 

Clinical research studies are designed to evaluate the safety and efficacy of a new drug, device, or treatment. To do this, researchers must be able to accurately assess the effects on human subjects. The data gathered can then be used to draw conclusions about the safety and efficacy of the intervention. Without the participation of volunteers, it would be impossible to accurately assess the effects resulting in not enough data to receive FDA approval.

If you participated in a clinical research study and want to share your story, we would love to hear from you. We respect your privacy and will not publish your full name.

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Segal Trials is serious about the privacy of our clients, patients, and employees. We follow all applicable local, national, and federal guidelines.

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