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Depression Symptoms and severity vary for every individual, and it is always a good idea to talk with a professional about your problems, big or small.

Psychedelic Substances

These are some of the popular psychedelic substances that are being studied as an alternative treatment option.

Myths x Facts: The 5 Myths about LSD

LSD kills brain cells? LSD never lives your body? Five myths about LSD are explained in a didactic way by great experts.

Psychedelics Medicine - Future of Mental Health

In this VIDEO SERIES, you will learn more about the advances of psychedelic medicine in the last years! If you want to discover the future of mental health, this series is for YOU!

What if? - the OCD Series

Learn more about OCD in this exciting 7-episode series. Brian tells us about the challenges of having OCD, how he found out he had it, and how it has affected his life.

Dr. Chat - Post-Traumatic stress disorder (ptsd)

Dr. Rishi Kakar, our Chief Scientific Officer, explains what is PTSD.

Dr. Rishi Kakar, our Chief Scientific Officer, explains what is TRD.

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