5 Myths about Birth Control

Photo courtesy of: freedigitalphotos.net/by patrisyu
Photo courtesy of: freedigitalphotos.net/by patrisyu









  1. You cannot get pregnant while breastfeeding

Although breastfeeding is known to postpone ovulation, it does not mean that it prevents the possibility of a pregnancy. The chances of getting pregnant while breastfeeding are low, but pregnancy can still occur.

  1. You cannot get pregnant if you do not have an orgasm

Your orgasm has nothing to do with the fertilization of your egg. The fact that you haven’t had an orgasm does not mean that your partner hasn’t ejaculated or that sperm hasn’t reached your ovaries. Therefore, getting pregnant is not contingent at all upon having an orgasm.

  1. Douching after sex will prevent pregnancy

Douching is not an effective contraceptive solution. After ejaculation sperm enters the cervix, putting it out of reach of douching solutions.

  1. Having sex standing up or being on top of your partner will not lead to a pregnancy

The upright sex position should not be considered a contraceptive solution.  Many people assume that having sex standing up or the female being on top will force the sperm out of the vagina. When a man ejaculates his sperm spreads widely in the vagina. Therefore no sexual position will prevent a pregnancy.

  1. Oral contraceptive pills are 100% effective from the moment you start taking them

In some women, one or several complete menstrual cycle are needed before the hormones in the pill can prevent ovulation. Doctors usually advise women during their first month on the pill to use a backup contraceptive method.


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Source: http://www.webmd.com/sex-relationships/guide/birth-control-contraceptive-myths

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