Doral 5K Recap!

Regardless of if you’re a runner or an athlete mental health affects us all. This past weekend our team represented Segal Trials at the annual Doral 5k run and it was amazing! We were able to educate people on mental health whilst having fun all morning. It was great to spend some time outside with …

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Mental Health Wins Gold At The Olympics

With the increased observance, advocacy, and awareness regarding mental health in the past couple of years, many individuals have been able to express comfort and confidence in being able to come forth and discuss the emotional, cognitive, and behavioral symptoms that they face, manage and work to overcome on a daily basis. Throughout this disclosure process, many individuals experience a sensation of …

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Private Site Segal Trials Expands Psychedelic Research

Segal Trials was highlighted on ABC-7’s segment “Florida researchers work to understand power of psychedelics to treat mental illness”. As one of the first private research sites conducting psychedelic research, Dr. Rishi Kakar, Medical Director and Chief Scientific Officer shared his expertise in investigating psilocybin assisted psychotherapy for the treatment of depression. In 2020, Segal …

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Coming Out & Speaking Out About Your Mental Health

One of the greatest indicators of continued progression is individual experiences. By proxy of this, the only way to continue advancements in mental health fields is through sharing personal experiences. When people begin to consider the diversity that is comprised within mental health communities one can begin to appreciate the need for communication and understanding …

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Mental Health Barriers in Asian American Communities

Mental Health related stigmas and pressures have a negative impact on the lives of various individuals experiencing psychological dilemmas, especially in the Asian American community. Stigmas are inaccurate, false, and unwarranted beliefs that are used to discriminate, separate and hurt others with certain traits, qualities, expressions, and demeanors. It is very difficult for individuals to …

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Why I am Thankful for the Pandemic – A Psychological Perspective

As a psychologist and someone who herself has struggled with significant depression and anxiety, the pandemic has started a conversation around mental health that in my opinion was much needed. Every morning, you wake up and see another article surrounding mental health, or your favorite celebrity, youtuber, or tik-toker letting their guard down and opening …

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What is Fibromyalgia?

In this discussion I sat down with a volunteer who has extensively suffered from fibromyalgia to better understand and empathize with individuals experiencing this medical disorder. In accordance with this, I highlighted many of the comments stated and what was learned throughout this dialogue. Full privacy and confidentiality relating to patient demographics was fulfilled, in …

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5 Myths About Mental Health

Myth’s surrounding mental health disorders have been present for years, but as increased interest into the fields of psychology, medicine and neurology have expanded, these false pieces of information have propagated at exponential rates. Below we will identify those myths, as well as highlight the truths enveloped in these topics. Myth: If you have a …

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COVID-19: The Wounded Heroes

As COVID-19 vaccines and research initiatives continue at full throttle, many individuals can begin to take a deep breath and imagine a world without COVID-19. Of course, this will not be a day and night transition, but the direction in which we are heading seems hopeful. However, as a consequence of COVID-19, the mental health …

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