Managing Bipolar Disorder and Work

Bipolar disorder is a psychiatric condition which can cause severe shifts in mood. People with bipolar disorder can “cycle” from high moods (called mania and hypomania) to extremely low moods (depression). These mood shifts, along with other symptoms of bipolar disorder, can create a unique set of challenges in someone’s personal and social life. Bipolar disorder and other mental health …

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Kanye West Opens Up About Bipolar Disorder and Shares He Had First ‘Complete Blackout’ at Age 5

Two months after releasing his latest solo album YE, on which he confirmed he is bipolar, calling it his “superpower,” Kanye West spoke candidly about how the condition affects his life. While discussing his music during Thursday’s wide-ranging Jimmy Kimmel Live interview, the 41-year-old rapper opened up about his mental health, and the importance of facilitating “open conversations” about it. “I …

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5 Stress Reducing Activities to Benefit People with Bipolar Disorder

Keeping stress levels low is a key component to coping with bipolar disorder. Too many people with bipolar disorder will turn to unhealthy forms of self-medication with over half experiencing addiction in their lifetime. Stress can exacerbate the mood swings experienced by people suffering from this mental illness, meaning stress-reducing activities can be a very …

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Celebrity Series Part 5: Carrie Fisher

Carrie Fisher is best known for her role as the heroine Princess Leia in the original Star Wars trilogy, recently reprised in Star Wars: The Force Awakens. She’s also a hero to the bipolar community, rebelling against mental illness stigma and fighting for more funding to treat mental illness. Fisher was born to celebrity parents …

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Managing a Mental Illness in College

For most students, stress is a constant of the college experience. Being away from home and family, living with roommates, facing tougher classes, and balancing a heavy work load with a social life can lead many students to feel overwhelmed. For the 1 in 5 students living with a mental health condition, these stressors prove …

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Bipolar Disorder Isn’t Just a Bad Mood

When it comes to bipolar disorder, wider use of the term doesn’t mean broader understanding. The term “bipolar” is often tossed around to describe everyday traits and occurrences. You’ve heard it before, and maybe even said it before. Maybe the term “bipolar” was used to describe someone acting moody or perhaps unpleasant, unpredictable weather. It’s …

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5 First Steps to Take After Your Bipolar Diagnosis

You just got diagnosed with bipolar disorder…now what? You might be feeling confused, angry, and maybe even relieved, but just know this- you are not alone. Over 5 million people in the US live with some form of bipolar disorder and it’s possible to control bipolar disorder and lead a happy, healthy, productive life. Here …

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Improving Your Bipolar Disorder

With its constant swinging moods, shifting energy levels, sleep difficulties and intrusive anxiety, bipolar disorder can feel overwhelming to say the least. Managing your bipolar disorder can feel the same way. However, you can feel better and get better by taking small, feasible steps every day. Here are some effective ways to manage your bipolar …

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