Justin Bieber Asks Fans For Prayers, Admits He’s ‘Struggling’

Justin Bieber has opened up about his battle with depression. In a candid Instagram post, the 24-year-old singer asked his fans for their prayers after admitting he’s “struggling.” “Just wanted to keep you guys updated a little bit hopefully what I’m going through will resonate with you guys. Been struggling a lot. Just feeling super …

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Moms of Infant Boys Are Over 70 Percent Likelier to Develop Postpartum Depression, Study Shows

A new study has found that a baby’s sex can influence how much likelier his mom is of developing postpartum depression. Conducted by researchers at the University of Kent in the U.K., the study looked at “the complete reproductive histories of 296 women from contemporary, low fertility populations gathered by retrospective survey” to find the link between PPD (also …

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Breakthrough Depression Medication

Major depressive disorder (MDD) afflicts more than 250 million people worldwide and is the most common source of disability for Americans. In addition to counseling and talk therapy, there is a veritable alphabet soup of medications, from amitriptyline to venlafaxine, currently prescribed to treat MDD. Each class of antidepressant acts on an individual or combination …

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5 Things to Remember When Talking With Your Family After Tragedy

Feeling overwhelmed, powerless or angry as you watch news of another mass shooting, this one in Las Vegas? Those feelings are normal, even for people who don’t have ties to Nevada or anyone there, according to counselors. There are tools that can help in handling those emotional reactions. NBC10 Philadelphia’s Tracy Davidson spoke to a …

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Childhood Depression: What Parents Can Do To Help

What is childhood depression? Depression may be present when your child has: A sad or irritable mood for most of the day. Your child may say they feel sad or angry or may look more tearful or cranky.  Not enjoying things that used to make your child happy. A marked change in weight or eating, either up …

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3 Hobbies That May Help You Cope with Depression

Hobbies won’t magically cure your depression but healthy habits can help you regain some control over your feelings and thoughts. Becoming more involved and active will restore some strength, self-awareness, and happiness. In short, hobbies help you cope. 1. Take care of a living thing. Depression convinces you that you don’t matter. Your own brain …

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10 Tips for a Happier, Healthier New Year

Take an outdoor walk at least once a week. A regular dose of nature and physical activity is sure to elevate your mood. Research shows that outdoor walks can actually alleviate some symptoms of depression. Keep a journal. Writing out your thoughts is a great way to empty your mind of negative energy and to …

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