10 Mental Health Pick-Me-Ups

Feeling overwhelmed? Research shows that there are a number of simple things you can do for quick doses of stress-relieving happiness. Call someone far away that you’d like to hear from. A British study found that regular contact with 10 or more friends significantly increases happiness and even lengthens life! Reach out to a good friend you …

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3 Hobbies That May Help You Cope with Depression

Hobbies won’t magically cure your depression but healthy habits can help you regain some control over your feelings and thoughts. Becoming more involved and active will restore some strength, self-awareness, and happiness. In short, hobbies help you cope. 1. Take care of a living thing. Depression convinces you that you don’t matter. Your own brain …

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10 Tips for a Happier, Healthier New Year

Take an outdoor walk at least once a week. A regular dose of nature and physical activity is sure to elevate your mood. Research shows that outdoor walks can actually alleviate some symptoms of depression. Keep a journal. Writing out your thoughts is a great way to empty your mind of negative energy and to …

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Managing a Mental Illness in College

For most students, stress is a constant of the college experience. Being away from home and family, living with roommates, facing tougher classes, and balancing a heavy work load with a social life can lead many students to feel overwhelmed. For the 1 in 5 students living with a mental health condition, these stressors prove …

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Celebrity Series Part: “The Rock”

Celebrities are normal people too, and some even have mental health issues. In this video, Dwayne Johnson, also known as “The Rock” discusses the struggle he has had with depression throughout his life. The feeling of being alone is not forever, and having faith and holding on to the positive things got him through his …

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Pregnancy, Depression an Anxiety?

A recent study has shown that anxiety and depression in women could be connected to a lower chance of becoming pregnant through in vitro fertilization (IVF). The study that began in 2007, included more than 23,000 women in Sweden who underwent IVF. Only over 4 percent of these women were diagnosed with depression or anxiety …

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