Could Depression Impair Your Memory?

New research has linked dysphoria, a characteristic symptom of depression, to memory and concentration deficits. Dysphoria, the antonym of euphoria, involves persistent low mood and general feelings of dissatisfaction. The new study focused on dysphoric individuals’ tendency to focus solely on “mood-congruent” thoughts. For example: depressed people often obsess about negative experiences and emotions, such …

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“Moving On” is Harder for People with Depression, Study Says

  People with depression may have a harder time getting past social rejection, a recent study finds. PET scans of depressed people’s brains showed that the distress of rejection lasted longer for them than for healthy people. “Every day we experience positive and negative social interactions. Our findings suggest that a depressed person’s ability to …

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Study Challenges Theory behind Current Antidepressants

  For almost 50 years, the consensus among neuroscientists has been that low serotonin levels in the brain’s synapses trigger the symptoms of depression. Guided by this theory, researchers developed selective serotonin re-uptake inhibitors (SSRIs), a common antidepressant that seeks to boost serotonin. But a new report is challenging all those assumptions. Researchers at the …

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