Dr. Chavoustie Featured in WIRED magazine

Dr. Chavoustie, Master Implant Physician and Principal Investigator from Segal Institute for Clinical Research, was featured in a recent WIRED magazine article addressing America’s horrific opioid epidemic. “I’ve watched people get their lives back together,” said Dr. Chavoustie. This references Probuphine, an implant that releases buprenorphine into the body. The implant, FDA approved in May …

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  “Bonnie Segal, Vice President and Co-founder of Segal Institute for Clinical Trials, discusses her organizations work in the area of community outreach. With a dedicated team surrounding her, she pursues her vision of research education, collaboration and advocacy. Listen in as she explains the challenges and triumphs in this important endeavor.” – The STARR …

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Celebrity Series Part: “The Rock”

Celebrities are normal people too, and some even have mental health issues. In this video, Dwayne Johnson, also known as “The Rock” discusses the struggle he has had with depression throughout his life. The feeling of being alone is not forever, and having faith and holding on to the positive things got him through his …

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How Opioids Develop Addiction

The opioid epidemic is severely affecting the nation. Many people nationwide are overdosing or developing an addiction to these prescription opioid medications. Addiction cannot be spotted as easily as we would like to think. Anyone can be addicted to opioids and people can attain them through different methods such as doctor prescription or buying them …

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What is Addiction?

As of 2014, 1.9 million Americans, 12 years of age or older, have had a substance use disorder involving prescription pain relievers. We know that people are becoming addicted to opioids, however, what do we really know of the symptoms and signs of the medical illness, addiction? Watch this video in which Jim Reyser, the …

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No More Paper Prescriptions, No More Addiction?

Handwritten prescriptions will be outlawed as of March 27th. Yes, come that date, all doctors in New York will be required to issue digital prescriptions under a new state law which aims to curb opioid abuse. This law will make New York the first state to mandate digital prescriptions and moreover, penalize any doctor who …

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Segal Institute Recognized as Top Fundraiser for NAMIWalk Broward County

  Segal Institute for Clinical Research was honored to be recognized as the top fundraiser at the annual NAMIWalk Broward County, during NAMI Broward County’s Holiday Party, Volunteer Recognition and Walk Celebration. All together NAMI raised over $112,000! Our team, Fight Club, raised $5,439.00! We would like to thank everyone who supported us to achieve past …

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Join Our Team! 2015 NAMIWalks Broward County

          “Every journey begins with that first step”. Join our team for the 2015 NAMIWalks Broward County and lets walk together to raise awareness about the need for a world-class treatment and recovery system for people with mental illness. Save the date!                                                    2015 NAMIWalks Broward County Date: Saturday, November 14, …

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