Doral 5K Recap!

Regardless of if you’re a runner or an athlete mental health affects us all. This past weekend our team represented Segal Trials at the annual Doral 5k run and it was amazing! We were able to educate people on mental health whilst having fun all morning. It was great to spend some time outside with …

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Mental Health Wins Gold At The Olympics

With the increased observance, advocacy, and awareness regarding mental health in the past couple of years, many individuals have been able to express comfort and confidence in being able to come forth and discuss the emotional, cognitive, and behavioral symptoms that they face, manage and work to overcome on a daily basis. Throughout this disclosure process, many individuals experience a sensation of …

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Coming Out & Speaking Out About Your Mental Health

One of the greatest indicators of continued progression is individual experiences. By proxy of this, the only way to continue advancements in mental health fields is through sharing personal experiences. When people begin to consider the diversity that is comprised within mental health communities one can begin to appreciate the need for communication and understanding …

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5 Myths About Mental Health

Myth’s surrounding mental health disorders have been present for years, but as increased interest into the fields of psychology, medicine and neurology have expanded, these false pieces of information have propagated at exponential rates. Below we will identify those myths, as well as highlight the truths enveloped in these topics. Myth: If you have a …

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Two Parkland Suicides Highlight the Lasting Impact of Trauma. Here’s How Parents and Teachers Can Help Teens Who Are Struggling

A pair of recent suicide deaths in Parkland, Fla., serve as a stark reminder of the lingering effects of trauma — and underscore the importance of providing long-term support to those who are living with its consequences. Just days after 19-year-old Sydney Aiello, who survived the mass shooting at Parkland’s Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School …

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Pete Davidson And Other Celebs Are Changing The Way We Talk About Mental Health

“Saturday Night Live” star Pete Davidson had already been candid about his mental health struggles when he posted about his suicidal thoughts on Instagram last December, sparking a nationwide conversation about how to seek help and support others. Many people, including Olympian Michael Phelps, have been speaking openly about how text therapy specifically helped “save” …

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Lady Gaga Describes What Her PTSD Symptoms Feel Like: ‘My Whole Body Goes Into a Spasm’

In her cover interview for the October 2018 issue of Vogue, Lady Gaga revealed new details about her mental health and what it’s like to live with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and chronic pain, which she says were both triggered by a sexual assault she experienced at age 19. In the interview, Gaga described her PTSD symptoms as being like “that …

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Microblading Helped Me Stop Obsessively Pulling Out My Eyebrows

It freed me from the fear of being outed by my noticeable bald patches. Fortunately, we live in a time when sharing your struggle with mental health is more than OK—it’s encouraged. I’ve sat in yoga classes, meditation circles, and even all-hands work meetings where stress, overwhelm, and mindfulness were discussed and dissected. My social media feed …

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