Microblading Helped Me Stop Obsessively Pulling Out My Eyebrows

It freed me from the fear of being outed by my noticeable bald patches. Fortunately, we live in a time when sharing your struggle with mental health is more than OK—it’s encouraged. I’ve sat in yoga classes, meditation circles, and even all-hands work meetings where stress, overwhelm, and mindfulness were discussed and dissected. My social media feed …

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Sara Sampaio Says She Has ‘Gaps’ in Her Eyebrows Due to Trichotillomania

Earlier this month, Instagram launched its new “Questions” feature, allowing users to carry out deeper Q&As than are possible using the simpler “Polls” feature. So much deeper, in fact, that when Victoria’s Secret model Sara Sampaio was recently asked a benign question about her eyebrow maintenance, she gave an honest answer about her trichotillomania and detailed her experiences with …

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