3 Hobbies That May Help You Cope with Depression

Hobbies won’t magically cure your depression but healthy habits can help you regain some control over your feelings and thoughts.

Becoming more involved and active will restore some strength, self-awareness, and happiness. In short, hobbies help you cope.

1. Take care of a living thing. Depression convinces you that you don’t matter. Your own brain tells you that you’re unimportant and worthless. To battle the negative lies depression feeds you, forge a connection with the living things around you.pexels-photo-169523

  • Plant a vegetable or herb garden
  • Offer to walk or watch your friends and family’s pets
  • Babysit for a neighbor
  • Keep a houseplant

2. Get creative. A hobby that clearly produces signs of progress can be motivating and rewarding. Use your own hands and creativity to make something awesome!pexels-photo-63450

  • Fill in a coloring book
  • Cook a new recipe
  • Scrapbook happy memories
  • Sew or knit
  • Try a new instrument. Take lessons in person or find instruction videos online

3. Join a group. If your depression is inhibiting your self-motivation, find a group that shares your interest.blue-basketball-american-basket

  • Volunteer in the community
  • Join a book club. Or start your own!
  • Find a local support group meeting
  • Join a sports team like bowling or softball

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