20 Celebrity Moms Who’ve Fought the Stigma Around Postpartum Depression

For the roughly 20 percent of moms who experience postpartum depression, the condition can feel crippling and shameful, but hiding and refusing to talk about it almost always makes it worse. That’s why these celeb moms have opened up about their own experience with depression post-baby and are encouraging others to do the same. Cardi B Getty …

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Moms of Infant Boys Are Over 70 Percent Likelier to Develop Postpartum Depression, Study Shows

A new study has found that a baby’s sex can influence how much likelier his mom is of developing postpartum depression. Conducted by researchers at the University of Kent in the U.K., the study looked at “the complete reproductive histories of 296 women from contemporary, low fertility populations gathered by retrospective survey” to find the link between PPD (also …

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