A Guide on How to Better Manage and Control Bipolar Disorder Episodes

Bipolar disorder is a condition that does not only affect your mental health, but also your interpersonal relationships with friends and loved ones. Generally, this condition may cause several different changes in your lifestyle and behavior. It can be responsible for possible fights, irritations and other problems. Manic episodes and depression are two of the …

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Could All Mental Illnesses Have a Common Link Inside the Brain?

Researchers have discovered a similar pattern of grey-matter loss in the brain across a broad range of psychiatric disorders, suggesting that mental illnesses with differing symptoms could arise from the same neurological basis. Their findings challenge the assumption of differentiating mental disorders by symptoms rather than by brain pathology. Dr. Amit Etkin of Stanford University, …

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First Web-Based Treatment for Bipolar Disorder

Psychologists have developed the first web-based treatment for bipolar disorder based on the latest research evidence. Since people with bipolar disorder often have trouble getting access to psychological therapy this online intervention could be the solution to round the clock treatment at a reduced cost. “The intervention was most useful for improving non-symptomatic outcomes such …

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