Lesser Known Migraine Causes & Triggers

Courtesy of: freedigitalphotos.net/ by nenetus
Courtesy of: freedigitalphotos.net/ by nenetus


Although there are many commonly known migraine causes and triggers such as stress, fatigue, alcohol, and specific foods, there some lesser known headache syndromes that you are probably not aware of.

Here are some other headache syndromes that aren’t so common:

  • Caffeine withdrawal headache: According to several studies, caffeine withdrawal has shown to be a cause of headaches. Our body can get used to the effects of caffeine, which can make withdrawal very difficult for our body to accept. Like other habits, caffeine has “addictive like” effects, which means that our body gets used to it, and after its withdrawal, finds it hard to adjust.
  • High in the air headaches: Do you have headaches when you fly? According to studies, this phenomenon is called “airplane travel headache”. The results of a study showed that 67% of the people who took place in this research had a headache during landing. The headache lasted at least 20 minutes. Studies conducted on astronauts showed that the changes in atmosphere and pressure might be responsible for the contractions of the muscles and nerves in our brain that cause such headaches.
  • Ice cream headache: If as a kid you experienced the so called “brain freeze”, then you know what an ice cream headache really feels like. An ice cream headache, is a mini headache. It has a very small duration, lasting from a few seconds to a few minutes. What causes an ice cream headache? Researcher’s say that it is the cooling of the throat and the roof of your mouth, which is caused by consuming a cold drink or smoothie fast. This causes some of our brain nerves to contract and cause a mini headache.


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