Summer Break with ADHD

School’s out. Time for the summer! If your child is living with ADHD, there are plenty of things they can do to enjoy their summer vacation. As a parent, you can use this time to help your child take a break, and unwind from a long school year. Here are some ways you can keep the summer fun, and loosen up for the next school year.

  •  Get outside: Physical activity is a great way to exercise the brain’s frontal lobe and can improve your child’s attention and behavior. Being outdoors with unstructured play, swimming, running, and riding bikes are great ways to get your brain working. This summer you can even make a family commitment to achieve a common physical activity goal over your child’s break, such as mastering a new bike riding trail, earning a swimming certification, or completing an official 5K run together.
  • Less screen time: The less time staring at the television, computer or smartphone screen, the better. Many children with ADHD love to stay inside and play video games or watch TV. It makes them happy, and keeps them calm. However these activities keep them stationary, which could lead to behavioral challenges and even meltdowns. If you’re going to be strict with anything this summer, it should be with sticking to a “screen diet”. You can use a journal log or a timer to limit and track screen use.
  • Boring is good: As a parent, you may think that your child shouldn’t be bored during the summer. Boredom can be a good thing. It is one of the best things you can give your child. Every child should daydream on a lazy summer day. It a part of their life as a kid and a way to exercise their imagination. So let your child entertain roam in their own mind. It can lead to some great things like creative art projects, or planning a scavenger hunt.
  • Discover special talents: As a kid with ADHD, your child could become known as a “problem child”, and adults may lower their expectations of them. Instead of letting this get to your child’s self-esteem and stop them from trying new things, help them discover and celebrate their hidden talents and develop a special interest. Has your child expressed an interest in playing the drums, film or photography? If so you can find a summer camp that can help blossom that passion.



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Source: ADDitude Magazine

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