Signs of Alzheimer’s May Appear up to 18 Years Before Diagnosis, Study Finds

A large new study has found that memory troubles associated with Alzheimer’s disease may start to appear up to 18 years before an official diagnosis. Researchers tracked 2,125 people with a median age of 73 for 18 years. Every three years they administered a cognitive and memory test. None of the patients was diagnosed with …

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Inside the Brain with Alzheimer’s

Nearly five million people in the U.S. suffer from Alzheimer’s disease, which causes a progressive decline in a person’s memory and cognitive faculties. Scientists do not know precisely what causes Alzheimer’s. But here is what neurologists do know: Plaque Buildup A hallmark sign of Alzheimer’s is beta-amyloid plaque buildup. Beta-amyloid is a critical brain protein; …

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