Around the World “Medical Heroes”

Around the world “Medical Heroes” are providing selfless acts every day…for you and future generations. Today, just about 4,000 experimental drugs and therapies are in a clinical trial; with the number growing every day. The volunteers who take part in these trials are “Medical Heroes” providing hope and possible treatments and cures for future generations. …

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Clinical Research as a Care Option

Many people don’t realize that clinical research is a viable care option — Jennifer Byrne is on a mission to change that. By Lawrence Lloyd | Posted September 01 2017 View Original Article Here Ed. note: Jennifer Byrne is an advocate for clinical research as a care option. Byrne, former CEO of PMG Research, shares how several experiences shaped …

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Should You Participate?

What is a clinical trial? A clinical trial is a research study involving human volunteers that tries to answer a specific health question. Clinical trials closely monitor people’s progress as they take part in the study of an investigational drug, device or method of treatment that has not been approved by the FDA. Carefully conducted …

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Top 10 Facts You Need to Know about Clinical Trials

Medical institutions, federal agencies, pharmaceutical corporations, and patient advocacy organizations conduct thousands of clinical trials annually, and according to John Schall, CEO of the Caregiver Action Network, family caregivers are the backbone of the clinical trial experience. Learning about the world of clinical trials, however, is akin to learning to speak a new language, and …

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