From Prescription to Heroin

No one purposely sets foot on the path to addiction. Did you know it takes just 28 days to become physically dependent upon prescription pain medicine? Some addicts begin using pills legitimately for pain treatment. Using medication differently than the prescribed plan greatly increases risk for developing addiction. Other addicts start by trying prescription pills …

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6 Opioid Addiction Facts

Despite the fact that we’re in the middle of what the CDC calls an opioid “epidemic” the shame of addiction keeps many stories and truths under wraps. The situation is so serious, Congress passed a bipartisan bill, the Comprehensive Addiction and Recovery Act last month to combat the addiction crisis. Nearly 10 million Americans were …

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Opioids Versus Your Brain

Frequent use of opioids causes long-lasting changes to the structure and biochemistry of the brain. Many of these changes are the reason why opioids are so addictive. In particular, opioids target what is called the “reward pathway.” Our brains are hardwired to reward activities that are beneficial, such as drinking water or eating, with feelings …

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Holidays & Addiction Relapses

  The holidays can be a difficult time for people recovering from an addiction. Several temptations are around you, such as festive alcoholic drinks and more. The holiday season is a time of year connected with food, cocktails, and parties, which can often cause “holiday stress”. Often people with drug addictions or substance abuse problems …

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