Your Health and Your Birth Control

There are a multiple of different forms of birth control. From different types of pills to IUD and the ring, many options exist. However, not ever form is conducive to your personal health. What works for one woman does not necessarily work for another. Depending on the person, some forms of birth control can be damaging to your health or just not right for you. Here are things to pay attention to while on birth control:

  • You experience migraines: If you are getting migraines while you are taking birth control pills, it is important that you tell your doctor. If you also experience aura, which are vision changes with migraine, then it is especially important to inform your doctor. According to research, women who experience migraines from birth control have a higher risk of getting blood clots and having a stroke. Talk to your doctor about different methods such as copper IUD.
  • You feel bloated: Every contraception pill contains estrogen. This makes you retain fluid. Retaining fluid can lead to bloating. If you experience this, you should speak with your doctor about switching to a form of birth control that is not a pill. Also, some pills will give you less of the bloating experience.
  • You get acne: Several forms of birth control help with acne. They help to block testosterone and ovulation, thus improving your skin. However, there are times when acne is persistent. If this is the case, even after using your birth control for a while, you should ask your doctor about another option.
  • You continue to miss taking your pill: It is not unexpected that you miss a few pills. Women miss an average of four pills. However, if you are continuously missing pills, missing more than four in a row, you should look into a different method. You should speak with your doctor about a different, less strict form of contraception such as the ring or the patch.

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