A Holiday Guide for Parents with an ADHD Child

Courtesy of: ministry-to-children.com/ bing images
Courtesy of: ministry-to-children.com/ bing images


The holidays, for many children, are the best time of the year. Schools are closed, homework time is replaced by play time, gifts, parties, and more. For many ADHD children though, the holidays may have some downsides. What are those? Some of these downsides include attending long lasting events, watching long theater plays, and sitting quiet and still during dinners.

The holidays should be all about happiness, celebrations and joy. Here are some tips that may help you and your child with ADHD through the holidays:

  • Prepare your child: Holidays come along with change. Your child’s daily schedule, routine and tasks will change. Prepare a holiday plan and give your child an idea of how your holiday vacation will look like. Let them know how you are going to be spending your holiday time, about different events that family and friends are planning, or other places that you are intending to visit. That way, you will avoid any confusion and frustration.
  • Educate others: Let your relatives, friends or visitors know about your child’s condition. ADHD is often misinterpreted and misunderstood. Try providing as much information as possible to the people who will be a part of your holiday plans.
  • Maintain routines: Try being flexible, but also maintain routines. During holiday seasons, schedules tend to fall apart. Children are often not willing to follow plans during vacation time, especially since they do not have any tasks. Try keeping them busy and keep an open schedule, and include in activities they are planning to do or would like to do.
  • Avoid the triggers: Experts believe that there are several things, such as food or different environments that can trigger problematic behaviors. Try avoiding foods or environments which affect your child’s behavior.


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