Parenting Your ADHD Child Along with Your Other Children

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Courtesy of: by nenetus










Being a parent of an ADHD child can be a demanding job. An ADHD child may require more attention and care than your other children. That is why it is very important to keep a balance and make time for everyone in the family.

Here are some tips that can help you manage and balance out the needs of the entire family:

  • Create a plan: Creating a family centered plan can be very helpful. Develop rules that all the members of the family will have to follow. A behavioral plan can also work. Explain to your kids which behaviors are acceptable and which are not. Make sure that you are fair and do not blame your ADHD child for having greater needs.
  • Make time for everyone: All children need to feel noticed and that they are the center of attention. Try giving to everyone the same amount of attention, especially when they show the need for it.
  • Know when you really have to pay attention: Children are very smart. They can and will fool you. Make sure that you do not end up giving extra attention when it’s not needed. Also, make sure to not let your ADHD child be dominant over your time and attention.
  • One at a time: Every child needs some personal moments with a parent. Make sure to devote some personal moments with each of your children separately. Use this time to listen to them, and show them your love.
  • Manage stress: Parenting can sometimes seem overwhelming. Step back and take some time to de-stress and relieve all the anxiety.


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