Simple and Effective Solutions to Help you Deal With Vaginal Infections

Photo Courtesy Of: by stockimages
Photo Courtesy Of: by stockimages

What is a Yeast Vaginal Infection?

 Yeast live within the vagina, usually in small harmless levels. However, if the number of yeasts increases and passes the normal levels, this can have a negative effect on your genital health. This increase may result in itchiness and other symptoms such as: burning, redness as well as the appearance of a thick, white odorless discharge.

Ways That Can Possibly Help Prevent the Infection?

  • Probiotics: For example yogurt is known for being very similar to the probiotics that helps keep your genital area healthy, although according to studies, it does not have a particular effect. Recent studies showed that what can really help improve your vaginal health and significantly decrease the rates of those infections is a probiotic tablet that is inserted directly inside the vagina. There are several examples of women who saw their infection rates decrease by 87%.
  • How can Tea Tree Oil Help: Tea tree oil is a certain type of oil derived from tea tree leaves. According to numerous studies, tea tree oil can act as an antifungal against yeast. This oil can help you get relief from inserting a tampon and other kind of insertions which can be particularly painful due to vaginal dryness.
  • Cotton Underwear or None: A warm and moist environment increases the risk of infections. To avoid the chances of an infection, you might want to consider using cotton underwear. That way you will permit your perineal area to breathe better, keep a healthy temperature, and decrease the chances of an infection.

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