5 Resolutions for a Healthier Sex Life

Lose weight. Get organized. Spend less, save more. These are the new year resolutions you’re heard a million times. Fitness and financial goals are important, but what about your sexual health? Ignoring your sexual health could have serious ramifications. All the other resolutions are pointless if a risky sex life compromises your health. This year, …

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Your STD Questions Answered

If you’re sexually active, regular STD testing is an essential way to protect your health. Your STD status isn’t something to guess at; if you’re sexually active, get tested. Be open and honest with your doctor about your sexual history. If you’re uncomfortable talking to your regular health care provider about STD testing, there are …

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Vaginal Infection Facts & Tips Every Woman Should Know

A vaginal infection can be a disturbing and uncomfortable condition. Almost every woman experiences at least one type of vaginal infection through her life. They range from severe to very mild infections, and women are often not aware that they have or had one. Here are the some of the most common types of vaginal …

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Vaginal Health and Yeast Infections

              Can maintaining a good vaginal health, help prevent yeast infections? The answer is yes. Although having a yeast infection does not necessarily mean that your vagina is not healthy or clean, vaginal hygiene can help you prevent a yeast infection in several different ways. Vaginal yeast infections are …

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Tips for Good Vaginal Health

                Maintaining good vaginal hygiene is a necessity for all women. A healthy vagina is naturally acidic and is rich in quantities of yeast, which is beneficial for your genital health. It is important to keep the pH of your vagina at a normal level. A healthy vagina …

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What Could Vaginal Itchiness Be Linked To?

  Vaginal itchiness can be an unpleasant and uncomfortable feeling. Many women often assume that vaginal itchiness is a symptom of a vaginal infection. Although this could be the case, there are other things that vaginal itchiness could indicate. So, what are some conditions that vaginal itchiness is linked with? Bacterial Vaginosis (BV): BV is …

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What is Vulvovaginitis?

                Vulvovaginitis is a term referring to the different types of vaginal infections. Some of the most common infections and symptoms are: Acute Vulvovaginal Candidiasis: The primary symptom of this disease includes vulvar pruritus (the itchiness of the vulva) and feelings of burning Erythema (superficial reddening of the …

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5 Myths Behind Yeast Infections

          The presence of yeast always indicates a yeast infection: Yeast usually live within the vagina in small numbers and has a protective role against bacteria. A yeast infection happens when the population of yeast in the vagina has greatly increased.  Therefore if those numbers increase, an infection can develop. Feminine …

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10 Tips on How to Avoid Yeast Infections

Wear cotton underwear instead of other material. Or you could also choose underwear with a cotton panel at the crotch. You should avoid wearing tight pants or shorts. Looser garments will keep your genital area refreshed and “airy,” avoiding moisture. Avoid wearing synthetic or nylon pantyhose. If you must wear them, it is preferable to …

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