Vaginal Health and Yeast Infections

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Can maintaining a good vaginal health, help prevent yeast infections? The answer is yes. Although having a yeast infection does not necessarily mean that your vagina is not healthy or clean, vaginal hygiene can help you prevent a yeast infection in several different ways.

Vaginal yeast infections are a common condition that almost every woman will have at some point of her life. A yeast infection can be related to your birth control pills, pregnancy, other infections or illnesses, poor genital care, or the use of vaginal care products.

Additionally, apart from good feminine care, factors such as stress, insufficient sleep, and an unhealthy lifestyle, could also have an effect on your vaginal health.

Here are some hygiene tips that can help you to prevent a vaginal infection:

Clean and dry:

  • Avoid using soap on your genital parts and instead use water, or a very mild genital area soap
  • Change out of a wet bathing suit or your workout clothes
  • Always wipe front to back
  • After every shower, use a soft towel to completely dry your genital area

Reduce sweating and moisture:

  • Wear loose clothing and cotton underwear which allows your vaginal area to breath
  • Stay out of hot tubs

Take extra care during menstruation:

  • Prefer pads instead of tampons.
  • Change your pads often and avoid using scented pads or tampons

Safe sex:

  • Always use condoms if you are not in a long term relationship or have more than one sexual partner

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