Amy Schumer Reveals Husband Chris Fischer Has Autism Spectrum Disorder

Comedian Amy Schumer gets personal in her new comedy special, sharing that her husband, Chris Fischer, has autism spectrum disorder. “I knew from the beginning that my husband’s brain was a little different than mine,” Schumer said in “Amy Schumer Growing,” which began streaming on Netflix Tuesday. “I have to start this over because I …

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LEGO Therapy for Children With Autism

Children with autism tend to love a few things very intensely. Play therapists have, for many years, built on autistic passions to help children learn skills such as collaboration, communication, and symbolic thinking. Now, a group of researchers finds that LEGO building toys are a particularly fruitful tool for autism therapy—and a great way to …

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The Crisis in Mental Health Services for Young Adults on the Autism Spectrum

The Crisis in Mental Health Services The dramatic increase in the prevalence of autism spectrum conditions among children over the past decade indicates that a correspondingly large number of youth will be transitioning to adulthood in the coming years. It is estimated that more than 50,000 adolescents with autism will turn 18 years old this …

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Top 5 Sports for Kids with Autism

It’s important for children to get 60 minutes of daily exercise. The need for physical activity applies to children with and without disabilities because it promotes a healthy lifestyle. However, exercise may benefit people with autism in unique ways. Research and personal stories suggest that exercise can improve symptoms and quality of life for individuals …

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