Vaginal Hygiene: 5 Interesting Facts about Vaginal Odor and Infections

Most women experience at least once in their lifetime a vaginal infection. Vaginal infections as well as vaginal odor are two very common conditions which are closely related to the pH balance of the genital area. Here are some facts about your vaginal hygiene and health: Vaginal odor is not usually caused by poor hygiene: …

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What are the differences between Vaginal Infections?

Does something seem off, down there? You may have a vaginal infection. We have gynecologist Dr. Taraneh Shirazian, MD here to explain the different types of vaginal infections. Could you or a loved one living with a Vaginal Infection? Contact Segal Institute at 1-877-SEGAL-88 to see if you if you qualify for a clinical research …

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How Can Discharge Be A Sign Of Your Health?

Vaginal discharge is an important function in the female reproductive system. This fluid is made by glands inside the vagina and cervix and its purpose is to carry away dead cells and bacteria. This process prevents infection and keeps the vagina internally clean. The amount, odor and hue varies, depending on the time in your …

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Things you should know about Bacterial Vaginosis

Bacterial vaginosis is one of the most common causes of vaginal infections, especially for women of childbearing age. What is bacterial vaginosis (BV)? Usually bacterial vaginosis is developed after sexual intercourse with a new partner. Although it is most commonly found in women who have sexual intercourse with more than one partner in a short …

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What Puts You At Risk Of Contracting Bacterial Vaginosis?

Bacterial vaginosis is a condition that occurs in the vaginal area. It is caused by an overgrowth of various bacteria. During bacterial vaginosis, the balance of the multitude of bacteria that is usually in the vagina, changes. This results in more prominent bacteria, and some bacteria even multiply. Women with bacterial vaginosis usually experience white-grey …

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Bacterial Vaginosis Tests / Pruebas para Detectar La Vaginosis Bacteriana

  Bacterial vaginosis is caused by an imbalance of the microorganisms found in a healthy vagina. A healthy vagina normally has several microorganisms in it. Mycoplasma, Gardnerella, Bacteroides, and Mobiluncus are the specific microorganisms in bacterial vaginosis that rise in number while healthy microorganisms decrease in number. There are very little symptoms exhibited by women with bacterial vaginosis. The most …

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Causes and Effects of Bacterial Vaginosis

According to recent studies, bacterial vaginosis (BV) is the most common type of vaginal infection in American women. BV is a type of infection that results from bacterial overgrowth in the vagina.  The vagina is host to several types of bacteria that are considered “good,” and the body keeps these good bacteria in a healthy …

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