What You Might Not Know About Binge Eating Disorder

If you know someone living with binge eating disorder, you may see them experience difficulties with controlling their symptoms, or you may not notice their symptoms at all. There are several things about binge eating disorder that many people do not understand. Here are some things you may not be aware of: Binge eating usually …

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Ways to Reduce Your Cravings

Managing food cravings can be difficult. If you have Binge Eating Disorder, is it even more difficult to manage that craving for a particular food. Here are some tips to help you manage those cravings. Smell the Jasmine According to an Australian study, when college-aged women smelled jasmine, they reported their craving for chocolate diminished. The …

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Binge Eating Disorder: Seeking Help & Support

  Binge eating disorder doesn’t just affect ones’ eating; it can also affect a person’s mental health. People with binge eating disorder tend to feel guilty and embarrassed about their condition, and will isolate themselves from others.  When isolated, they feel safer, thinking that they can keep their condition as a secret. However, it is …

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