Ways to Reduce Your Cravings

Courtesy of: stock.tookapic.com/ pexels images
Courtesy of: stock.tookapic.com/ pexels images

Managing food cravings can be difficult. If you have Binge Eating Disorder, is it even more difficult to manage that craving for a particular food.

Here are some tips to help you manage those cravings.

Smell the Jasmine
According to an Australian study, when college-aged women smelled jasmine, they reported their craving for chocolate diminished. The odor from jasmine monopolized the working memory, fading the sensation of cravings. Try this with aromatherapy from plants.

Play Tetris
Highly visual games cause our brain to singularly on the task that our cravings disappear. A recent study found that people who played Tetris found that their cravings drop almost 25% more than people who just watched a computer screen. This goes along with the Elaborated Intrusion Theory (EI), which states that imagery is central to craving, therefore, doing something that occupies the working memory load can reduce natural cravings.

Stress and the sight of sweet, or chocolatey, or buttery foods lead to cravings. Exercise reduces thoughtless snacking and cravings for chocolate, says research. A recent study also shows that a 15-minute walk can help to reduce chocolate cravings. Shifting the mind from their thought of food to the thought of physical exercise serves as a distraction, helping to tame temptations.

Find a Happy Place
Imagine that you are doing your favorite activity. This can reduce naturally occurring cravings according to study at McGill University. Imagery, not just refocusing your attention to something else, is the key to reducing those cravings.

Swap foods

Swap a chocolate bar for a similar treat like cacao nibs or a high-fiber cereal. This can satisfy your sweet tooth and nutrition for the day. Texture swapping is also a good method. A bag of potato chips for a bag of crunchy baby carrots could work. With time, you will get comfortable with this method and watch your cravings fade away.


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