Can children with ADHD thrive academically?

Can children with ADHD thrive academically? The answer is yes. Having ADHD does not restrict a child from doing well in school, nor does it determine one’s intelligence. Although ADHD could make everyday school activities and tasks seem more challenging, it doesn’t mean that it can restrict your child from doing well.  Some common ADHD symptoms that could affect your child’s performance are: lack of focus, quick loss of interest in things, lack of completing a task, and constant distraction.

How can you help improve your child’s school performance?

  • Help them get organized: Teach your child the importance of organization. Explain to them how much easier and faster they will be able to finish their daily tasks if they are organized. Help your children organize their textbooks and notebooks. For example you could use five different shelves for the five school days; place in each one of them the books, notebooks and material they will need for that day.15-Signs-Your-Child-May-Have-ADHD-MainPhoto
  • Talk to their teachers: Talking to your child’s teacher can be very helpful. Remember that teachers have more than one student, and therefore sometimes they can forget that all childrenare not the same. Children with ADHD often need to be treated differently, needing further explanation on something they do not understand or even need some encouragement. Talk with their teachers about ADHD and how it affects your child’s behavior. You could also offer to help the teacher better understand your child’s condition by providing her with more information or material about it.
  • Create a regular report system: Monitoring your child’s performance at school could help you keep track of their improvement, but you should try not to turn this system into a spying session or an investigation. Try keeping an eye on their progress without getting overly involved. Attending parent-teacher’s meetings can also help you get a clear image of your child’s performance.

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Source: EverydayHealth PhotoCred: MAMIVERSE

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