Could Our Lifestyle Trigger Depression?

Courtesy of: by nenetus
Courtesy of: by nenetus


Affecting more than 15 million Americans, depression is a health condition that has spurred the interest of numerous experts. Recent studies have shown that depression can be triggered by the way a person lives and experts believe that there is a link between depression, our lifestyle, and our habits.

So which different lifestyles and habits can trigger depression?

  • Having a middle management job: Experts say that people with middle management positions are more likely to be depressed in comparison to people below or above them. Why? People in upper management levels tend to feel successful and feel that they have reached their goals. On the contrary, people in middle management often feel that they have not achieved their goals. They often get anxious about promotions or possible mistakes. Finally, people below middle management are people who are usually happy with their job and may not seek advancement. Being unhappy or feeling restrained in your working environment is a very possible cause of depression according to experts.
  • Extensive use of social media: While social media is considered a great way to keep in touch with friends and family, and up-to-date on different events and news, studies have shown that it could be a possible trigger of depression. How? Experts believe that social media often promotes “the ideal word”. People upload pictures of their expensive lifestyles, travels, model shaped bodies and fancy clothes. Although we may enjoy seeing them, they can subconsciously make us sad. We create a subconscious “image of perfect”, and if our reality or lifestyle is not close to that, we tend to feel desperate or depressed. Try spending less time on social media and make personal contact with your friends or loved ones. Finally, you can also try filtering your social media accounts by keeping on your feed things that really matter to you.
  • News- Obsessed: Is watching the news a part of your daily routine? Do you listen or watch the local news every day when you wake up or while you shower? This is not a very healthy habit according to studies. Experts explain that 95% of the news presented to us is un-happy news. They talk about economic recessions, war, accidents, and much more negative events. Studies have shown that people who watch the news on a daily basis are more likely to get depressed. This does not mean that you have to stop watching the news, it just means that you should try controlling your media consumption.


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