3 Lesser-Known Signs that It Might be Depression


Most of us already know the key symptoms of depression, like low mood or feelings of hopelessness. However, there is a range of other warning signs that many people do not often associate with depression.

Here are 5 of the lesser known indicators of depression:

Spending too much time online: Several studies have shown that compulsive internet and social media use often arise in depressed people. The virtual environment can be an escape from reality, but online interactions cannot boost mood as well as face-to-face friendships.

Fluctuations in body weight: Comfort food boosts serotonin momentarily, but long-term emotional eating can significantly worsen mental health. Indeed, a recent study in the journal Obesity shows that stress and depression impede weight-loss strategies. On the other hand, for some people depression reduces appetite and causes weight loss.

Inattention to personal hygiene: Depression can prevent a person from maintaining good personal hygiene. In one survey of more than 10,000 people, 61 percent of people with poor oral health also had depression. The more severe their dental problems, the more severe their depression.

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Source: http://www.prevention.com/mind-body/emotional-health/surprising-depression-symptoms

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