Major Depression Myths Debunked


Major depression is a metal condition that can be treated by using the right treatment methods, making the right lifestyle changes, and having support. This condition is one of the most common mental health problems within the U.S.

Although the majority of people dealing with major depression respond to treatment within 6 weeks, most of them do not get the right treatment or help they actually need.

Here are a few myths and facts about major depression that can help you get the required help or treatment:

  • Myth 1 – Depression last forever: As mentioned, major depression is a treatable condition. Although depression can affect a person for a long period of time, it is not a permanent condition. This myth often makes depressed people lose hope. They do not seek help, since they believe that they will never be able to treat their depression, and this could lead to the worsening of their symptoms. This is not the case, and with the right treatment plan, people can lessen their depression episodes.
  • Myth 2- Depression isn’t dangerous: More than 65% of suicides in the U.S are directly connected with depression. Recent studies have shown that in young children and adolescents, depression is the greatest risk factor for suicide. Furthermore, depression is also a leading cause for people with disability aged 15-44.
  • Myth 3 – Depression is a sign of weakness: Depression has nothing to do with weakness and should never be considered as a person’s lack of strength. Dealing with depression requires a great amount of strength and inner will. Depression is a disorder of the brain, which can be caused by the combination of genes, personal experiences, or brain chemicals. People with depression often believe this myth, since depression distorts their judgment.


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