DIY Health Assessments for Women

Do you know the most important way to stay healthy as a woman? It is checking in with your doctor regularly and letting them know when any suspicious symptoms arrive. Also, between those doctor visits, there are some at-home self-checks that you can do as well that can help identify a number of women’s health conditions …

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3 Common Vaginal Issues & How to Deal with Them

3 Common Vaginal Issues & How to Deal with Them  Vaginitis What is it? Vaginitis is an inflammation of the vagina that usually results in discharge, itching and pain. You might be prone to vaginitis if you recently stopped using antibiotics, if you suffer from diabetes, or your hormone levels are fluctuating. Hormone level flux is …

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Study Links Hot Flashes to Changes in Blood Vessels of the Brain

  In a new pilot study, researchers discovered that women who experience more frequent hot flashes show changes in brain scans associated with a higher risk for cerebrovascular diseases. Past research has found connections between hot flashes and heart disease, but this study looks at hot flashes’ effect on blood flow problems in the brain …

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4 Tips for Fighting Hot Flashes at Work

Since around 70 percent of women in the age range of perimenopause are employed, learning how to handle hot flashes at work is critical. Most women enter into perimenopause, a predatory phase before menopause, between the ages of 40 and 55. Perimenopause brings significant changes to the estrogen levels in a woman’s body, triggering a …

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5 Menopause Myths Debunked

  Myth 1: Menopause Makes You Gain Weight No scientific evidence supports the idea that menopause causes you to gain weight. However, hormonal changes during menopause do increase the risk of putting on extra pounds around your abdomen. Nevertheless, your weight and overall fitness depend more on your eating and exercise habits than on the …

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4 Health Conditions Linked to Hot Flashes

Almost 85 percent of women experience hot flashes during menopause. A sudden rise in body temperature and increased sweating are the key signs of a hot flash, which can cause considerable discomfort. But hot flashes are more than just a nuisance; mounting scientific evidence has suggested a link between hot flashes and risk for certain …

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Could Earlier Hot Flashes Lead to Heart Disease?

In two separate studies, researchers at the University of Pittsburg have found that women who start experiencing hot flashes earlier in life are at an elevated risk of heart disease. One of the studies also established a link between more frequent hot flashes and greater risk for heart problems. The study’s findings show that hot …

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Hot Flashes Could Last 7 to 12 Years, Study Finds

  A new study conducted at the Wake Forest School of Medicine finds that most women experience symptoms of menopause, such as hot flashes, for seven years or more. Published in JAMA Internal Medicine the study authors call for more research on safe long-term treatments to keep hot flashes under control. “Women should not be …

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